Romanian language and medical terminology


A brief history

Nomina si nescis, perit cognitio rerum!

UntitledThe Department was founded in 1947 and it was initially called the department of Foreign Languages. The first heads of the department were:  V. Eremeev, associate professor (1947-1957); S. Smirnov, honored teacher, a great personality, endowed with a large general and linguistic culture (1957-1966); B. Danilov, associate professor, who had held this post for 31 years (1966-1997).

In 1973 the department of Foreign Languages was divided in the department of Foreign Languages and the Latin and Native Languages Department. Mihai Păun, a personality with enciclopedical linguistic and medical knowledge who ran the department between 1973-1986 contributed a lot to the Latin and Native Languages Department’s foundation. Mihai Păun promoted the study of  medicine in native language, being involved in the translation of different kinds of books (the specialized subjects, USMF „Nicolae Testemiţanu”) in Romanian language. He selected and ethymologicaly analyzed Greek and Latin medical terms, frequently used in medicine, systematized the scientific Greek and Latin elements that represent the basis of the international medical terminology.

In 1986 the department reorganized its activity dealing with its new name – The department of Latin language and Medical terminology, ran by Vasile Melnic, doctor of Philology, professor (graduate of the State University, The Philology Department – 1957; doctoral graduate – 1968; doctor of Philology – 1973; professor – 1987; member of Scientific Councils of the State Department of Languages, The National Centre of terminology, the Romanian Language House, the  Comission for the surveillance of the official language functionality, the editorial board of the journal Limba Română; more than 250 publications). The activity of the department (1986-1999) was ranked to the medical terminology regulation at a state level. Vasile Melnic developed Latin as a historical and ethymological basis of the Romanian language, taking as a mark the principle Non est medicina sine lingua Latina.

In 1999, according to the decision of the senate of State University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Nicolae Testemiţanu” and the order nr. 714-PS, the merging of the Modern Languages and Latin Language and medical terminology departments took place. Larisa Lupu, doctor of Philology, professor (a graduate of the Pedagogical Institute „ Alecu Russo” from Bălţi – 1962; doctoral graduate – 1980; doctor in philology – 1986; professor – 2000; Labour veteran medal – 1986; Honorary citizen– 2005; author (coordinator) of textbooks, collections of texts, articles and others), was appointed the head of the department.

In 2008, according to the decision of The State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemiţanu” and order nr.418A, the department of Foreign Languages and Latin was devided into Department of Foreign Languages (head of the department – Larisa Lupu, doctor of Philology, professor) and Deparment of Romanian and Medical Terminology (head of the department – Eugenia Mincu, doctor of Philology, associate professor; head of study – Argentina Chiriac, doctor of Pedagogy, associate professor).

In October, 25, 2013, Argentina Chiriac, doctor of Pedagogy, associate professor becomes the head of the department; and Tatiana Trebeş, lecturer, is appointed the head of study.

There are 18 lecturers, that work at the department. The department is completed with young teachers, who are always promoted: research courses, doctoral courses.

The main purpose of the department’s work is to teach future doctors, possessors of modern languages and medical terminology. The students cooperation: „Olympus” – Latin Language unit; „Asklepios” – Romanian Language unit start their activity. These give students the possibility to study different aspects of medical terminology, to analyze, to synthesize linguistic and terminological facts, presented subsequently at university conferences of students as  reports, posters.